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The original swimmer's headband, designed to hold ear plugs in while engaging in water activities. Comfortable neoprene band with velcro fastening to hold ear plugs in place. Plain black on inside can be worn either way ?Helps prevent swimmer?s ear. ?Recommended by doctors for swimmers. ?Colourful neoprene headband adjusts with Velcro®-like closure to fit all ages. ?Comfortable, durable and easy to wear kids love it! ?Keeps ears warm. We offer a same day service on all EAR BAND-IT® and PUTTY BUDDIES®.
EAR BAND-IT single
EAR BAND-IT single
Single EAR BAND-IT frontlet

Band with PuttyBuddies
Band with PuttyBuddies
This Set contains a Headband and a pair of the patended PuttyBuddies

Putty Buddies
Putty Buddies
Putty Buddies are soft silicone ear plugs that protect the ear canal from eventually entering water. They are soft and easy to adjust.

Putty Buddies - Float
Putty Buddies - Float
The new Putty Buddies are made of FLO-TEC. This Putty Buddies are not able to sink in the swimming bath.



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