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Welcome to our Online-Shop

Welcome to the Online-Shop of Andressen Batteries

Our mission is to bring to you the most comprehensive Selection of World-Class Batteries for Hearing-Aids. All Batteries in our shop are so called "Zinc-Air" Batteries - the Battery technology with the highest energy density available in button cells.  You can easily distinguish Zinc-Air Battries from other technologies by their air-tight seal. This is needed to prevent Air from entering the Battery and start the chemical Process that provides the Energy for your hearing-aid.

Our Batteries come in 4 standardized types or Sizes. You may want to browse by Size using the navigation on the left of the screen. If you're unsure of the type you need, visit our 
informations-page on sizes

If you know your Brand of Batteries there's an alternative Navigation on the left that shows the Brands and let you browse by brand-name.

If you have any questions pleas use our contact form.

Now we'd like to introduce you to the brands we offer:

The Brands:

This ambitious brand from Korea aims at being among the top Brands. The Manufacturer has the highest Standards in Engineering and Quality management. It's still not that easy to achieve the experience and excellence of of othertob brands. iCellTech still is a good choice for the small money.
This Month on Sale: 30 Batteries only 10.99 Euro, 60 Batteries only 20.99 Euro
Country of Origin: Korea
30 Batteries10,99 Euro
60 Batteries20,99 Euro
prices incl. VAT, shiping costs not incl.

Leader on the asisan continent, Battery of high Performance, good stability and low price. ZeniPower is our recommendation to everybody who looks for a Battery with a reasonable price but without the big surcharge because of excessive Marketing costs.
Country of Origin: China
30 Batteries12,99 Euro
60 Batteries23,99 Euro
prices incl. VAT, shiping costs not incl.

Rayovac the manufacturer of the "Worlds No.1 Selling Hearing Aid Battery" and pioneer in this category, offers their most recent product development and innovation with Rayovac EXTRA Advanced.
30 Batteries13,90 Euro
60 Batteries25,90 Euro
prices incl. VAT, shiping costs not incl.

This Swiss Battery is manufactured by the leading Swiss Battery Company that's part of the Swatch-Group - one of the leading Swiss Wtach manufactrers with Brands like Omega, Rado or Glashütte. Commited to precission and relaiablity they produce one of the top Batteries of our Portfolio
Country of Origin: Schweiz
30 Batteries14,10 Euro
60 Batteries27,10 Euro
prices incl. VAT, shiping costs not incl.

Our favourite Battery. This has been built with years of experience. Highest Standards and excellent engineering makes Powerone the top Choice within the  upper Segment. 
Now on SALE: 60 Batteries: nur 26,99 Euro!
Country of Origin: Germany.
30 Batteries14,90 Euro
60 Batteries26,99 Euro
prices incl. VAT, shiping costs not incl.

Logo SonySony
This is the most advancd Japanese Hearing-Aid Battery from Sony. It's manufactured to the highest Standards and offers high reliability and powers even the most demanding hearing aids:
Country of Origin: Japan.
30 Batteries15,90 Euro
60 Batteries29,90 Euro
prices incl. VAT, shiping costs not incl.

Duracell Activair
Duracell Activair is the top Brand in our Portfolio. It comes in a special container that allows easy selection. the patendend EasyTab allows easy placemant of the battery into the compartment of your Hearing aid.

Country of Origin: Germany
immer günstig
40 Batteries22,50 Euro
80 Batteries42,50 Euro
prices incl. VAT, shiping costs not incl.
You also find these brands in the Navigation on the left. If you're unsure which Brand to take you may want to order one of our unserer Trial-Test-Packs. They contain 4 Brands (ZeniPower, Renata, Rayovac, Powerone) with 6 Batteries each  - a total of 24 Batteries at the Special Price of 9,99 Euro !

prices incl. VAT, shiping costs not incl.

We also suggest the following products:

ShakeAwake , the travel-alarm-clock with vibration alarm that wakes up the heaviest sleeper - without annoying anyone else. It really solves a lot of issues for the "morning impaired". Find mor Information on the Shakewake here
Our Special Price:

33,90 Euro
(3 Batteries included!)

Cleaning and drying products from Cedis have been designed for you to take most advantage from your Hearing Aid. Most Hearing Aids are very sensitive electronic devices that require proper care. Cedis carries products that were created to solve typical issues like wax-removal on ear-molds or the drying of Hearing Aids that have been exposed to a mois environment.

We offer a fine selection of products for 
Cleaning und Drying purposes

We send to all european Countries at very low cost. We use well tested Packaging Material and offer various methods of payment. Please check our informations-page on Shipment and pament

Offline Ordering.
If you'd like to order without using our Online-Shop, that's not a problem. We offer varoius ways:

Order  by FAX
Download our  Fax-order-Form , it's currently only available in German, You may also order with a hand -written Fax-Order. We speak most european languages, so feel free to write in any  language  you want.

Order by Telephone
you can reach us by phone  +49 4261 840371. Please call between 9:00 and 12:30 if you want your order sent the same day. We have an answering service running 24 hours a day, so you can leave us a message anytime.  Please state your name and  address, number and type of batteries. If you want us to call you back, please tell us.

Order by E-Mail
Please use our Contact- form or write to kb @ andressen . de . Please don't forget to tell ust the number of batteries and the type you need. Pleas also include a phone number in case we need to reach you.

Order by Mail
Send u s a letter or a postcard to Andressen, Postfach 1107, 27341 Rotenburg, Gemany,


Batterieren für Cochlea Implantate

Für Träger von Cochlea-Implantaten bieten wir spezielle Batteries der Hersteller Powerone, Rayovac an. Diese eignen sich auch bei Geräten mit hoher Programmierung oder den Betrieb an FM-Übertragunsanlagen..

Pleas follow your localr regulations of proper dispsal of Batteries. All our batteris are marked with a Symbol that indicates that yeyre not meant to be diesposed in the regular waste disposal system. The German official Information folows in Gemans Language:
Seit Inkrafttreten der Batterieverordnung gelten relativ strenge Regeln für den Umgang mit Batteries. Der Endverwender z.B. hat die Verpflichtung, Batteries einem geeigneten Rücknahmesysstem zuzführen. Eine Lagerung zu Hause und die Entsorgung über den Hausmüll ist nicht zulässig. Batteries sind mit genormten Symbolen einer durchkreuzten Mülltonne gekennzeichnet. Unterhalb des Symbols sind ggf Kennzeichen für enthaltene Schadstoffe angebracht, z.B. "pb" für Blei oder "Hg" für Quecksilber. Für Sie von Vorteil ist, dass wir dem gemeinsamen Rücknahmesystem Batteries (GRS-Batteries) angeschlossen sind und ein ordnungsgemäßes Rcycling aller bei uns bezogenen Batteries direkt mitfinanzieren. Bei Fragen zur Rückgabe oder Recycling stehen unsere Mitarbeiter unter 0800 5003040 (kostenlos aus dem deutschen Festnetz) und die Hotline von GRS 01805 80 50 30 (12ct/Minute) gerne zu Ihrer Verfügung.

For any further questions please use our contact-form oder call us at +49 4261 840371.

Elib Directory: Internationales Verzeichnis für Online-Business. Testen Sie ZeniPower Batteries für Hörgeräte.

Rayovac Typ 675 30 Batterien
Rayovac Typ 675 30 Batterien
13.90 EUR + Shipping, VAT included
0.46 EUR / 1 St.
Rayovac Typ 675 120 Batterien
Rayovac Typ 675 120 Batterien
55.80 EUR 49.79 EUR + Shipping, VAT included
0.41 EUR / 1 St.
Rayovac Typ 675 60 Batterien
Rayovac Typ 675 60 Batterien
27.90 EUR 25.90 EUR + Shipping, VAT included
Preis pro Batterie
0.43 EUR / 1 St.

Last update: 29.04.2024


Teruggavebeleid / -vorm

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