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Hearin Aid Care


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Batteries for Hearing Aids in the innovative exopack packaging that includes the sticker-seal (protective covering) into the back of the battery blister.
Ecopack Type 10
Ecopack Type 10
Voltage: 1,4 V Capacity: 95 mAh Height: 3,55 mm Diameter: 5,8 mm Colour Code: yellow Type: 10 Shelf-life: 2-3 Years

Ecopack Type 312
Ecopack Type 312
Voltage: 1,4 V Capacity: 150 mAh Height: 3,6 mm Diameter: 7,9 mm Colour code: brown Type: 312 Shelf-life: 2-3 Jahre

Ecopack Type 13
Ecopack Type 13
Voltage: 1,4 V Capacity: 290 mAh Height: 5,4 mm Diameter: 7,9 mm Colour code: orange Type: 13 Shelf-life: 2-3 Jahre



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